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Polyurethane Grout Injection

Polyurethane injection (sometimes referred to as urethane injection) is arguably the most common type of injection used for repairing a basement leak and water stopping generally, due to its versatility. It is used exclusively for stopping leaks in poured concrete foundation walls and structures. When a leak repair/water stopping is required in subway tunnels, DEP plants, schools, poured concrete, elevator pits, mineshafts, etc., the cracks and rock fissures are injected with polyurethane (also referred to as grout) – so you know this crack repair method works under real-life conditions. This procedure is done from inside the structure by LJS so as not to disturb the landscaping of the outer building.
Acrylate Injection Services

Acrylate injection is a low-viscosity, very fast-setting (20 seconds to five minutes) acrylate injection resin with superior sealing characteristics. The fast set-times provide excellent waterproofing capabilities for stopping high-flow active leaks. In addition, it is able to permeate very fine soil and fill voids between the interface area of the concrete and substrate.
Industrial Coatings

Epoxy is one of the most effective materials for industrial coating in the Tri-State area. LJS Waterproofing, LLC offers epoxy flooring and a range of other options to seal your floor and keep it safe from damage caused by moisture. Our waterproof sealing provides a range of benefits, including the following:
Protect from unexpected exposure to liquids
Avoid the cost of water damage and repairs
Make floors safer for employees and customers

Epoxy Injection

When you think of epoxy, you might think of flooring, but the material is actually useful in many more applications. An epoxy injection is one way the substance can provide an incredible solution to a common problem. The compressive strength of these injections makes them stronger than most concrete solutions. When applied to cracks, the results are incredible. Epoxy injections can both repair and protect against damage to your foundation. LJS Waterproofing, LLC offers these treatments to clients throughout the Tri-State Area.

There are many different issues that can cause damage to concrete. If you have become aware of cracks, it could be due to problems such as poor compaction or even soil erosion. Epoxy is available in a range of thickness options, so it can be applied to cracks of nearly any size. If you are dealing with substantial damage and wider cracks, a higher thickness is recommended.


Many people do not think of structural damage as a major concern, but it is one of the most serious issues a building can have if left unaddressed. Because a foundation is not visible, it can be easy to forget about it, but its upkeep is just as important as any other part of a building. LJS Waterproofing, LLC offers innovative epoxy injection solutions that can repair structural defects and restore a building’s foundation to a safe and even condition. We also offer waterproof membrane installation, and clients throughout the Tri-State Area are welcome to call us for service. 
Membrane waterproofing

is one of the most effective ways to seal moisture out of walls, basements, foundations, roofs and nearly any other part of a building you would like to stay dry. If you are in the market for installation or service in the Tri-State Area, LJS Waterproofing, LLC can help. The sheet-like material of a membrane is ideal for application to large areas, and it works by providing a resistant shield between potential water entry and the area you need protected.


There are many different kinds of waterproof membranes you can choose from, and we take care to ensure that our clients find the one that is right for their needs. Your choice will likely be dependent on factors such as budget, space of the surface area you need covered, UV resistance and chemical stability. Some of the different types we most commonly provide to our commercial and residential clients include:

Liquid applied waterproofing membrane
Sheet-based waterproofing membrane
Film waterproofing membrane


If you need to waterproof a large surface area, you might be wondering what the best option is. There are many available, but membrane waterproofing offers a uniquely versatile solution. LJS Waterproofing, LLC specializes in the installation, repair and service of this material, as well as many other waterproofing options. We offer commercial and residential waterproofing, so no matter what kind of service you need, we are here to make sure moisture stays out. 
Concrete Repair

Pressure Grouting Services

Pressure grouting is the process of injecting grout via pressure to chase cracks and seal voids in concrete without disturbing the structure.