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your trusted waterproofing solution provider with a legacy spanning decades. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we deliver unparalleled expertise across the Tri-State Area, protecting your structures from the challenges of water damage. Explore our comprehensive suite of services and experience the assurance that comes with choosing a waterproofing partner known for reliability and excellence – choose LJS for a dry, secure tomorrow!


Waterproofing Services

Our commitment to waterproofing goes beyond the surface, reaching the core of structural integrity with a focus on exceptional workmanship. We specialize in a range of services designed to fortify your structures against water damage. Each project is executed with meticulous attention to detail, delivering quality results that stand the test of time.

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Concrete Restoration

At LJS, our commitment to concrete restoration extends beyond surface-level improvements. We conduct thorough assessments to identify underlying issues, and implement targeted solutions that address the root causes of deterioration. Our team of industry veterans blends engineering skill and artistry to deliver concrete restoration that stands the test of time.

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Great experience! Owner really knows this business. Very knowledgeable.

Joseph Pirrello

this company is fantastic. They call back immediately. They stay on top of things. And the owner is fantastic

Ralph Ruiz

When I first learned about this waterproofing solution I was very skeptical. It sounded like something almost magical and too good to be true. I still gave them a chance since it made total sense to treat the basement from the exterior before the water goes though the walls, and I cannot be happier. Water is a very persistent element that will look for ways to go though walls and materials. My basement is made out of stone with plenty of opportunities for the water to go though cracks, joints and porous materials. The smell of mold that characterized my basement when I purchased the property was proof of it. LSJ Waterproofing was very professional and the crew was well trained. They treated the surrounding of my house and they returned twice since the water found a few ways to get through after the first treatment . They didn’t hesitate to come as many times as it was needed. Now the basement is totally dry and our family is now enjoying the extra square meters we got from the basement. It is a great investment without the need to excavate in the exterior and spend much more unnecessary money. I strongly recommend them.

Claudia Baroni

Very professional and quick response to water in my basement. They explained everything clearly about what they would do! Highly recommend LJS!

Linda Sinclair

Great company to work with. Mary is especially helpful and knowledgeable. We are one of their suppliers and find them to be a first rate company.

Stephen Barton

Did what they said would do, and stood behind it Small things went wrong and they fixed it

Tom Petrosino

The ownership and crew members of LJS Waterproofing are 'Top Notch.' This organization is dedicated to the highest standards for their profession. They always go Above and Beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. They are also very fair when it comes to pricing their projects. I would absolutely refer LJS Waterproofing to friends and family - as well as major governments organizations.

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These guys, I've used them several times for some serious problems. Trust me or not the price is worth it 💯

Shimshy Spitzer

Mary & Ray were prompt and professional in getting me a quote and fixing a persistent leaky foundation.

Frank Cristiano

Highly recommend LJS waterproofing. Very professional company from start to finish.

Robert Reynolds

Great Service. work was done as per drawings ! would highly recommend

David K

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