Everything You Should Know About Void Filling Service

If you have concrete structures on your property, then you run the risk of voids. Voids are gaps between the concrete and the soil. These gaps can lead to cracks and damage in your concrete. Having void filling done before damage occurs can help you avoid these problems and prolong the lifespan of your concrete surfaces. Let’s learn more about void filling.

How It Can Benefit Your Property

Getting quality void filling services can benefit your property in many ways. One of the most significant ways it helps is by preventing animals from making nests beneath your concrete. When animals can find a safe hole that is sufficiently sheltered from the elements, they like to build and burrow. Most animals will continue to burrow there, and their babies will also spread out and burrow over the years. This can eventually lead to the deterioration of your concrete.

Another important reason you would want to use a void filling service is to prevent erosion. If there are any spaces or voids beneath concrete, then it creates the perfect route for water to flow through and carry away soil. This of course just creates bigger voids and puts your concrete at even more risk. If voids are being created by leaks on your property, then they will also be able to identify this. According to This Old House, over 60% of basements in existing homes have a moisture problem. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on any cracks in the concrete.

How to Prevent Voids During Construction

Today, voids can often be prevented through proper concrete installation techniques. Many concrete contractors today use innovative methods, such as vibration machines. These devices are used during the laying of concrete and can help ensure that every void is filled to complete capacity. When there is no room for gaps, voids are far less likely to develop. Since this is a fairly new practice, voids are often seen on the concrete surfaces of older homes.

How to Find the Right Void Filling Service

Once you have decided to use a void filling service, you’ll want to find a reputable company in your area that provides this. Ask your friends and acquaintances who they recommend. Only work with a business that has a good reputation.

You also want to look for a company that has had plenty of experience doing this type of work. Void filling is a pretty specific type of concrete service, and you don’t want to hire just anyone. Ask questions to find out how long they’ve been providing this service.

A quality company will come out and perform an inspection and give you an estimate first. The inspection will inform the concrete professionals of where your voids are located and how much filing it will take. It’s best to get estimates from a few different contractors before deciding on who to hire. This gives you some leverage to make sure you get the best price possible.

A quality void filling service will also use proven materials for void filling. Be sure to ask what types of materials will be used to fill the void under your concrete. You may also want to ask what methods are used to fill voids.

How Ignored Voids Can Cause Problems

If you ignore voids in your concrete structures, then you could run into serious problems down the road. Voids that are ignored will often contribute to significant erosion on your property. This erosion will affect more than just the concrete. It can start to affect your landscaping, and depending on which way the water flows, it might even have a negative effect on your home’s foundation as well.

In addition to this serious problem, voids are also the main culprit behind cracks in concrete. Cracks in your concrete need to be avoided if possible. Once a crack has developed, it is difficult to repair. Void filling is a much easier type of maintenance than crack repair. Cracks are unattractive and unsafe. They can cause people to trip, and severe cracks may even damage your vehicle.

If you are looking for a void filling service in your area, then please call us today at LJS Waterproofing, LLC. Our team of expert concrete contractors can inspect your concrete structures for voids and provide advice and services for void filling. We are here for all of your concrete needs.

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