How to Maintain Your Property Value With Waterproofing

Taking advantage of chemical grout injection as a part of a waterproofing service can help maintain the value of your home while keeping water out of places it doesn’t belong. Chemical grout injection (also known as permeation injection) is a process of injecting a grout curtain into the soil to help water seep into your foundation. This, along with other waterproofing services, helps to keep your property value up and reduce the risk of water damage. Here is what you need to know about this type of waterproofing service.

It Works Best in Tandem With Additional Waterproofing

Investing in waterproofing for the interior of your home but not correcting the primary cause of the problem is often a mistake. If you do this, you will likely continue to encounter future issues related to water damage in your basement. You can add a sump pump, waterproof the walls, and take all the proper steps, but if you do not address the underlying issue, it may be all for nothing.

Creating a complete waterproofing system is a multi-step project. In some cases, the problem may not be obvious because it occurs underground or within the soil surrounding your home’s foundation. As your home settles and the soil around it erodes over time, the likelihood of water damage can increase. It takes an expert assessment of the situation to diagnose the cause of the problem and come up with a solution.

If the water is seeping in from below the surface, chemical grout injection is an excellent way to create a barrier that will prevent seepage. It’s a simple solution that can redirect water away from your home. Waterproofing your home with the help of professionals is a complex process. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as painting the walls with a waterproof coating.

It Can Prevent Problems That’d Reduce Your Home’s Value

According to RubyHome, water leaks often lead to mold growth, which can reduce the value of your property by about 25%. Mold is a serious concern that can grow in even the smallest amounts of moisture inside a home. When inhaled, it can cause health issues; when left unaddressed, it can break down drywall and other building materials. A house that has a mold problem can be quickly devalued to a lower price.

Water damage can be corrosive over time. Even the smallest leaks can turn into large problems when left unaddressed. This can be damaging to your foundation and every other area of your home. Water can contribute to the deterioration of concrete and brick-and-mortar foundations, resulting in a weakened foundation, wall cracks, windows and doors that don’t operate correctly, and uneven flooring.

Water is the number-one enemy of many different types of building materials. It can cause rot in wood and the deterioration of many other building materials. Of course, flooring, tiles, paint, and more will all be damaged by water or moisture. Keeping your home dry and free from water seepage would be ideal.

All these potential risks can reduce the value of your home. It’s also costly to repair these problems. In some cases, repair isn’t an option and you must pay for complete replacement costs. The proper waterproofing approach will ensure that water leaks and the resulting mold growth do not cause damage to your property and reduce the value of your property.

You Get More Livable Space

Proper waterproofing can protect your home’s basement and ground level. When your home is waterproofed, it can give your household greater peace of mind and reassurance that it’s safe to occupy any space within the home. Chemical grout injection around the outside of your home’s foundation can help foster a healthy, safe environment.

Reducing the risk of serious structural and cosmetic damage to your home will keep your property value up. It may also let you reclaim areas of your home that are unusable. It’s a win-win situation. However, the process must be done correctly to get all the benefits of waterproofing. You cannot skip any of the steps in the waterproofing process.

Working with a company that offers chemical grout injection and other waterproofing services is the easiest way to maintain your property value. Learn more about how this process can improve your home, protect your property value, and deliver peace of mind by contacting our team at LJS Waterproofing, LLC today. You can put an end to your water leak problems. Call today to get started with our services.

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